Charmers Lacrosse Club
Our Approach:
Relationships matter
How we interact with others shapes the course of our lives. Special focus is placed on the relationships between players. Respect, inclusion, comprimise, support, and recognition are all characteristics of a successful person. This is the underlying key to most of lifes challenges and rewards. It is our most significant lesson to teach.

No two players are alike
This fact makes it important that each player be encouraged and pushed to acheive a goal that is their own. Players are evaluated and pushed to levels that they probably didn't think possible. Rather than getting discouraged or impatient, each player should thrive and expand their skills at their own pace. This eliminates burnout and depression that is often associated with club lacrosse at high levels.

The concept of TEAM
Charmers places a high emphasis on the unit. Players learn that each of them are a factor in the success or failure of that unit. Each player is assigned specific roles in the games. How well they execute the roles has an immediate impact that is quickly recognized. It soon becomes apparent that individual actions impact the entire team. We beleive that this is a life lesson that shapes the character, focus, and YES, success, of a person throughout their life.

There is a difference between mental stress and emotional stress:
The challenges facing the high school children are enormous. In addition to school and friendships, kids are facing decisions that will have an effect on their lives in profound ways. Additionally, sports are fast becoming a detriment to their well-being instead of the character-building activity that it has traditionally been.

Charmers recognizes the difference between emotional stress and mental stress. In the Charmers environment there is a high amount of mental challenge. Players are taught to think through their field options and make decisions. They learn that these decision impact, not just them, but the entire team. No actions are free of consequence.

The players also understand that when mistakes or bad decisions are made there can be temporary disappointment at that action but they are expected to immediately learn from it, move forward, and start fresh. When the game or practice is over, we analyze, correct, and leave together - as a team.

Charmers IS NOT:

- a place to prove that you are better than your peers
- a tool to win popularity contest
- a forgettable developmental experience
- another thing to stress over
- a degrading or demeaning experience to regret
- a place where the win is more important than the lesson

Charmers Lacrosse Club
Timonium, Maryland